EHOVE Career Center


EHOVE, which stands for Erie, Huron, Ottawa Vocational Education, specializes in adult education and has a large offering of occupational programs.

Through the Adult Diploma Program, EHOVE offers:

  • Adult Professional Culinary
  • Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Fire Fighter I
  • Fire Fighter II
  • Medical Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Professional Business Specialist
  • State-tested Nurse Aide (STNA)
  • Welding Technician

Located on West Mason Road in Milan, EHOVE offers a fuller class load for those transitioning to a new career, and also a lighter enhancement course offering for those needing to brush up on some new skills. These Career Enhancement Courses include education in business & computers, healthcare, public safety, diversified industrial trades, and customized training.

Financial aid—including scholarships—is available, and EHOVE’s staff can advise new students on orientation and preparing for admission and other next steps. Other services include a Basic Skill Lab to practice on test-taking techniques and Job Search & Employability Services for when it’s job-seeking time.

To receive more information about the Ohio’s Options Adult Diploma Program at EHOVE Career Center, click here.